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Getting Back Into Our Routines

Private Home Health Care enjoyed the 4th of July holiday.  The festivities were fun and time with family and friends was awesome. Now what’s next?

After the holidays we can feel a bit unsettled.  We may have had company at our house, a block party or outside activities.  Our normal routines went out the window as they should have.

Now that the party’s over, how do you and I get back into our routines and the more normal pace of our lives?

First, go easy on yourself.  You cannot control everything so think about the areas you can control and focus on those.

Next, do not forget to take care of yourself.  Try not to beat yourself up on things that may have slipped through the cracks.  Did not get the bedroom or garage cleaned out?  Acknowledge it and then move on or take care of it now.

Check your self-talk.  Is it positive or are you reviewing what you had planned that did not get completed?  Try to be positive in your thoughts.  It helps keep the stress level in check.

Reassess your priorities.  Do they still make sense or do you need to make some changes? What’s done is done.  Do you still need it to be done?

You and I can find comfort in following our usual patterns.  It gives a rhythm to our lives. 

Schedule your positive habits back into your daily life if you need to because it can help you to feel like you are being productive.

Our lives can feel so fleeting at times, especially as we age.  It’s important to make sure we try to help ourselves by controlling and managing the areas open to us.  Be sure to take good care of yourself.



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