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This first week of June is National Gardening Week.  It celebrates the joys of owning and caring for a garden.  On this day, June 6, it’s National Gardening Exercise Day.  Today is the day for enjoying your garden and getting some exercise too!

Did you know that when you garden you build muscles and burn calories?  It’s true.  Think about working in a garden.  You have to carry tools outside so you walk and lift.  When you prune, weed or plant you use your arms and hands. You stretch and bend when you pick up what you’ve pruned and weeded to place in bags.

Do you carry bags or push a wheelbarrow? Think about all the muscles you’d use.  Do you enjoy the fresh air and look at the beautiful flowers that flourish and bloom? Who can be stressed when you look at a lovely garden that you created.

Private Home Health Care knows it can get harder to garden as you get older so take it slow and make sure you drink plenty of water.  Make sure you bend your knees and lift with your legs and not your back.  Try working on a smaller garden or a container garden if that’s easier for you.  Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy yourself and your garden!

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