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Garden Week

The first full week in June is Garden Week.  The unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day, has come and gone.  The weather is usually getting better each day and the ground is getting warmer.

If you head out around your town, you’ll notice that there are many places selling flowers right now.  There are so many varieties for you to choose from it can be overwhelming.  Do you want a perennial that will come back each year, or some annuals to add color?

Are you new to gardening?  If so you can start small.  If you live in an apartment try a window box.  Check the sun exposure then talk to someone at a garden center, look online or get a book from the library to help guide you. 

Having a larger area to set up a garden can be wonderful but if you are a beginner it might be good to start small.  You can always expand a garden later.  

You need to be certain that the soil is fed and again in order to have the healthiest flowers check the sun in your yard.  Plants like full sun, partial sun or shade so choose according to what kind of sun exposure you have.

Flowers in bloom are beautiful and additionally, gardening is great exercise.  When you dig, plant and weed you are using muscles.  Furthermore you walk around a lot and bend and stretch and burn calories. It’s great exercise and it’s enjoyable and satisfying.

Being outside also gives you fresh air and vitamin D from the sunlight.  Of course you’ll also have on sunscreen so you won’t get sun damage. 

During this week, if you have the interest, go out and start or work on your existing garden.  Not only is it good exercise but the flowers can bring a smile to your face.

Private Home Health Care enjoys flower and vegetable gardening but we know that it’s important to start slowly to be successful if you are a new gardener.   We hope you will give it a try and enjoy it.

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