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Fall Equinox

Wow, did your summer fly by like ours did?  It was a lovely summer and while we are still having some warm days this Thursday, September 22 we turn to the fall equinox.

The fall equinox (also called the autumnal equinox) is the time when the Earth’s tilt is moving away from the sun to point straight at the equator.  That’s when we notice the hours of daylight begin to change.  If you live in the Northern Hemisphere the equinox brings about equal parts of day and night.

The words are derived from Latin. Equinox is latin for aequus which means equal and nox which means night.  In both the fall and spring we have an equinox. 

What are the signs of fall?  Have you noticed any leaves changing their colors yet?  As the fall continues we in New England have a beautiful array of colors to enjoy.  Who remembers jumping in piles of fallen leaves?  Lots of good memories.

Fall is when nature gets ready for the next season of winter.  Birds migrate, dogs and animals’ fur thickens and we start to notice that we need our coats as the temperature cools down.  

It’s also a time for apple picking, apple cider and even some apple cider donuts!  Often apple orchards have horse drawn rides they offer too.  It really is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy all the goodness around us.

Private Home Health Care loves the fall.  It can be difficult to have less daylight but we are hopeful that all the bounties of fall will help us ease into the changes in the seasons. 

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