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Do You Drink Enough Water?

You and I need to drink water to keep us hydrated.  Every part of our body needs water from our cells to our tissues to our organs. 

Hydration is important for all ages.  The older we get, the easier it is to get dehydrated.  

The recommended daily intake is 92 ounces for women and 124 ounces for men.  That’s about 11.5 cups for women and 15.5 cups for men.  

That sounds like a lot of water, so what are some ways to help us stay hydrated?

  • Add some flavor to your water.  Try fruits like strawberries, lemons or limes.  You could even add cucumber for a change.
  • Develop a routine for when you drink your water.  Try in the morning before you eat or after you brush your teeth.
  • Get a large bottle to keep track of your water.  You could even set an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink.
  • Work with a friend to remind you or have a competition on how much water you each drink.
  • Traveling to work or to visit a friend?  Take your water bottle with you to drink on the way. 

Private Home Health Care works with many people and we always stress how important it is to stay hydrated.   As the summer gets warm find a water bottle and be sure to drink up!

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