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Daily Foods That Store Fat

When you eat high carb meals with no balance to low carbs, you end up with increased blood sugar. That puts your body into fat storing mode. The more fat that is stored in your body, the less your body can burn of that fat. With a balance of high carbs, low carbs and protein;  your body is able to burn fat easier using a fat burning hormone naturally produced. With an imbalance of foods sources, this hormone is made less of. Drinking any concentrated fruit juice results in a spike of blood sugar, putting your body in fat storing mode. When the fruit is concentrated, all the fibers are drawn out of it; leaving you with basically sugar water. Margarine has many health risks along with being loaded with trans fats. It is bad for your heart because it adds bad cholesterol and strains the good cholesterol from your body. Shockingly enough, wheat bread is up there with fat storing foods too. Along with any genetically motified foods. In most countries, genetically motified foods are band. Soy is a fat storing food too. 91% of soy made in the US is genetically motified.When you eat these kinds of foods that store fat, exercise will not help. Along with the foods mentioned, it is in the body’s best interest to avoid sugar aspartame, canola and dairy. Foods such as snap peas and green beans decrease grehlin, which is the hormone that makes you hungry even when you’re not. Adjusting your diet to these regulations allows your body to take the shape it’s intended to.

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