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Crafts for Seniors

Private Home Health Care is thinking about Seniors today.  If you are a Senior do you have any free time?  Would you like to have fun, be creative and keep you busy? Different crafts are a way to do just that.

We found a website for seniors that have a lot of suggestions.  You’ll find  links to sites that can teach you how to do some of the crafts.  Want to have some fun?

In addition to filling up free time and having fun, crafts can help you with motor skills.  The time spent on crafts can also be a time for social interactions because you can do them together.  Furthermore, activities and crafts can help make you feel less stressful.

Here are a few examples from the site:

Do you like painting or coloring?

  • Coloring books – there are coloring books for adults.  You can even find some in large print.  Get some crayons or markers and get started.
  • Rock painting – you can find or buy some small rocks, use acrylic paint and create some designs or messages.

Are you a knitter?  Do you like to sew?

  • Make a heating bag – make sure your material is cotton!
  • Dish cloths – these can be a handy gift.  Watch a youtube video to learn.
  • Coffee cozies – hot coffee cups can use a knitted cozy to ward off the heat.

Other ideas include:

  • Pressed flowers – you just need flowers, wax paper and a heavy book
  • Homemade greeting cards – save money and make your own! 
  • Paper flowers – these can help decorate a room
  • Beaded bracelets – watch a video and learn
  • Birdhouses – if you like working with wood this could be for you.

Private Home Health Care loves to create things and also keep busy!  This website has great ideas and many links to instructions to help guide you with your creations.  Here is the link:

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