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Cousins are those relatives that you might see once in a while or often.  You might see them at family events or perhaps you visit each other’s houses over the years. Strong bonds can be built with this family member.

Often a relationship begins with your cousin when you are very young.  Your parents’ brothers and sisters might have children who add on to the family.  

When your families get together it’s natural that children would play with each other and that’s when relationships begin. The relationship grows as you age.  It can be dependent on family ties which are hopefully positive.

Due to those family ties a cousin is someone to play with when a lot of adults are around.  At family gatherings, it’s someone you can talk to or play with.  A cousin your age might be someone who has the same skills at a pick up family baseball game that you do.

A summer family vacation at the beach or pool adds to the camaraderie. You might go on an adventure or find ways to get in trouble together.  That definitely creates close bonds.

Over the years the experiences grow, the stories accumulate and the bonds get stronger.  You might even find that a cousin might be a better listener than a sibling at certain times.

As the years go on and lives get busier, it might get more difficult to make plans.  Hopefully there are traditional family gatherings, during the summer or around the holidays for time to catch up.  Private Home Health Care believes that family relationships are important to our mental health and well being. We hope you can reach out or visit with a cousin soon.

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