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Bereavement and the Holidays

Today as you and I prepare for the upcoming holidays we may be experiencing a loss in our lives.  Feelings can be a bit overwhelming during these special times and we may not know how to carry on.

Each of us goes through common stages of grief:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Whatever stage of loss you may be experiencing there are some suggested ways in order to help you cope better.

Practice self-care, meaning make sure you are eating, getting sleep and being good to yourself.  It may help to meditate or pray.  It might help to walk outside.  Try and do what works for you.

Try to get back to your routine.  A loss can cause confusion and you may feel out of sync.  Try to adapt or re-establish your  routine.

You will have many emotions.  Try to be conscious of them and allow yourself to feel them.  You may need to cry.  You might want to remember good memories.  Allow yourself to feel.

Do not forget the other people in your life.  Be sure that you do not isolate yourself because family and friends can be wonderful support.  

Furthermore, finding a grief support group may be a way to help you. Groups are offered at local counseling centers or councils on aging groups in your town.  Attending a support group more frequently during the holidays may help you.

Private Home Health Care understands loss and the grief that accompanies loss. We wish you patience and peace during these holidays.  Try to be gentle and good to yourself as you move through the holidays.

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