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April Fools’ Day

Private Home Health Care would like to know how your day has been going on this first day of April?  Have you had any pranks done to you?  Have you pulled any pranks on anyone else?  

April 1 can be such a fun and silly day in so many different cultures.  While no one seems to know for sure how the pranks started according to the History Channel there are some guesses.

One theory is the change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.  Both the Hindu and Julian calendars had April 1 as the beginning of the Equinox.  The change had the year beginning on January 1.  Some people took a long time to understand this so they were called April fools.  The prank was to attach a paper fish to the back of those gullible people.

In the northern hemisphere, the vernal equinox is tied to the first day of Spring.  The” joke” is the unpredictable weather that those inhabitants have been known to experience.

In Scotland in the 1700’s, there were two days of April foolery.  The first day was a day to send people on make believe errands.  This was called “hunting the gowk” (a cuckoo bird which symbolizes a fool).  The second day was Tailie Day.  This was a day to pin fake tails or “kick me” signs on the backs of people. 

Whatever the origin, Private Home Health Care wishes you some fun and laughter on this first day of April in 2022!

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