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April Flowers

One celebration in April is for National Garden Month.  April teases us with warm days and rain.  It promises sunnier and warmer days to come.  It can be the perfect time to think about gardens.

If you are a gardener, you know that it’s the time to start some seedlings or time to go to the garden store for some plants.  It’s also the time to admire your plantings from last fall.  The daffodils, hyacinth, tulips and crocus come to life.  Bright colors appear as a prelude to new blossoms to come.

You can find plants to make a patio garden if you live in an apartment or assisted living.  Flowers can really brighten our living space.  You might even try planting some veggies to enjoy later on in the summer.  Many plants do well in containers.

For those who are not gardeners, there are many ways to enjoy gardens this month.  Take a walk around your neighborhood and see what’s sprouting in neighbors’ yards.  Try visiting a local rose garden.  The roses are beautiful and have a nice scent.  Look for an Audubon Society location near you.  In addition to new plants growing you’ll most likely see and hear different birds.  You might spy birds preparing nests.  

Private Home Health Care loves springtime and beautiful plants and gardens.  It truly is a new beginning after a long, cold winter.

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