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All Hallow’s Eve – Halloween

Private Home Health Care wishes you a safe and Happy Halloween.

We are wondering how some of Halloween’s traditions began.  Are you?

The actual day began at the end of the harvest time and the start of the new year. You may recall that it was actually called Samhain, a Celtic festival.  Roots from our past in agriculture.

Today in addition to candy, Halloween has traditions of witches, Jack-O-Lanterns and bobbing for apples.  Do you know how each of these came to be?

Witches go way back to the Middle Ages.  

Women would sit in front of a fireplace and go into a trance, chanting and meditating.  Back then, the superstitious people believed that these women had broomsticks and would fly out their chimneys and scare people with magical deeds.


Would you believe these started as Jack-O-Turnips?  That’s right.  Back in Ireland, you could easily find turnips.  People would carve and light the turnips and put them in their windows.  The hope was that this would keep away evil spirits and welcome their dead.

If you fast forward to the United States, Irish immigrants could not easily find turnips but pumpkins were plentiful.  Jack-O-Turnip turned into Jack-O-Lantern using a pumpkin.

Bobbing for Apples

Do you believe that apples represent love interests?  Well, it appears that the Romans did!

The festival of Pomona was around November 1 and they bobbed for apples.  They believed that the first person, male or female to catch it with their teeth would marry in the coming year.

Additionally, you would peel an apple in one continuous and unbroken strip and throw it over your shoulder while you are spinning.  The fallen peel would reveal the first initial of the peeler’s true love.

Whether you are taking out children to trick or treat or giving out the candy, we hope you have a wonderful and joyful time.

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