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A Geriatric Healthcare Perspective

The American Gerariatric Society established a national nonprofit organization called The Health in Aging Foundation.  The goal of the foundation is to bring expertise and knowledge to us as we age.

We at Private Home Health Care look for interesting and helpful topics to pass on to our readers.  The Health in Aging Foundation has insightful ways of approaching geriatric care.

The foundation talks about “Age-Friendly Healthcare” and the “5Ms”.  

Age-Friendly Healthcare:

The focus on age-friendly healthcare is starting with the whole person, both physically and mentally.  

The 5Ms are:

Multi-complexity – this is managing multiple chronic or advanced illness that often affect you as you age.  

Mind (Mentation) – improving care if you have dementia, delirium or depression.

Mobility – helping with your mobility by focusing on gait and balance and working on preventing falls

Medications – reviewing your medications and making decisions on if any can be reduced or changed.

What Matters Most – working with you to make sure healthcare goals are set that work with you in your daily life. They meet your care needs. 

If you are interested in reading a bit more on this approach here is a link to get more in-depth information:

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