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Mary Demakes Answers Your Questions Live on Sunday 9/16

Are you ready to talk about elder issues?

10,000 Americans turn 65 years old every day.  This means that the proverbial “pig in the python” will be aging at a rate faster than we’ve ever imagined.  Are you prepared to address “elder care” issues for yourself or for your parents?

Whether it’s finding in-home care for an aging parent,  identifying companion services, or having a conversation about “the next phase” in someone’s life, elder issues are likley require signficant attention in the years to come.  The question is, what can you do? Where do you begin? Are there options besides a nursing home?

That will be the subject of this weeks episode of Dollars & Sense on Sunday from 4 – 5PM on News/Talk 96.9.  We will have special guest, Mary Demakes of AAAAA Private Home Care of Marblehead to answer your questions on this most important topic. Listen in or call us on the show.  Planning Pointers readers will go to the top of the caller list.

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