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Today is the day to work on a puzzle.  It’s National Puzzle Day.

Jigsaw puzzles are fun because you can sit, or stand, and focus on the different pieces and how they fit to complete a picture.  Start with the outer edges and then work on the center pieces.

Crossword puzzles are great if you have good recall on lots of different topics.  It’s challenging to understand the meaning of the clue and then come up with a word that fits the spaces.

Word searches, we enjoy those, have you search for different words from a list.  Look forwards, backwards and sideways and see what you find. 

A sudoku puzzle is for you if you like math puzzles and using logical thinking.  The goal is to fill in nine spaces with numbers from 1 to 9 without duplicating any.

Trivia is very popular and while you might not think of this as a puzzle it does require you to use your brain to solve a problem.  Trivia teams are very popular.  The more brain power!

Puzzles are the perfect activity for your brain no matter your age.  Young or old your brain gets good exercise doing puzzles.  A puzzle exercises both sides of your brain. It improves your cognition, helps your focus and short-term memory.

Memory can improve along with your problem-solving skills that you may have forgotten you possess.

Work on a puzzle with a partner and  improve your social skills.  This is particularly good for children but for anyone of any age.

There are only positives with working on any type of puzzle and the best part of all of them is that you have FUN.

Private Home Health Care loves working on jigsaw and Sudoku puzzles.  We hope to spread joy today with all the different puzzles available to everyone.


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It’s that time in winter when the doldrums can settle in.  Whether you’ve seen snow or rain or freezing cold it can be difficult to think about having some fun.

We suggest in this blog that adding some fun to your life can be just the medicine to drive the doldrums away.

No matter your age, there are always ideas of ways you can enjoy yourself.  For children it can be as simple as playing in the snow or having a playdate with a friend.  

For some of us going to a museum, going out dancing or having dinner with friends does the trick.

If you are a senior and living on your own, in assisted living or a nursing home there are still ways for you to have some fun.  You may not be as mobile as you once were so think about what you enjoy and are still able to do.

You could get a friend and work on a puzzle together.  If Twister feels a bit too daunting, try a game of scrabble or a card game.  Get a friend and have a walk around the facility.  The one who arrives first can spring for a coffee in the cafeteria.

Your facility could have opportunities to go to a movie or play or maybe even a comedy show.  Get a group together and hit the town!  Do you have access to a Karaoke machine?  If so, sing a song or two.

Private Home Health Care wants you to think about what makes you happy.  We hope you take time this week to add some fun to your life.  Smiling and laughter is great medicine for the doldrums.

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Are you a person who compliments the people in your life?  A true and sincere compliment and not just a comment on clothing or a hairstyle.

Today could be a day that you spread some compliments around.

The word compliment means:

  • A formal act of civility, courtesy, or respect.
  • An expression of praise, admiration, or congratulation.

Praise, admiration, courtesy and respect.  These four words can create so many positive feelings for both the person giving the compliment as well as the one receiving it.

In elementary schools, there is a lot of talk about kindness and respect.  How can we be kind to one another?   Giving a compliment is very kind and in a child it can give them great confidence.

Compliments are powerful for adults too.  First, you want to be sincere.  Second, you should try and give one for something a person has done or a quality you like about them.  That makes the compliment more sincere. 

Once a person hears a compliment it shows that person that you’ve been paying attention to them.  It makes them feel valued and respected.  The bonus is that you’ve done your part to spread happiness.

Private Home Health Care appreciates how important and helpful it is to give compliments.  We look forward to noticing times when we can give a compliment.

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In this chilly month of January soup feels like a good answer to the cold.  

Soup warms the soul and body and gives you a full meal, especially if paired with a nice baguette or a nice wheat bread.

Do you have a good soup recipe?  What is your favorite soup? Do you find that it brings people together?  

You can find or make so many different soups that you are certain to find one for you and your family to enjoy.  Chicken noodle is a good standby and is known for its healing powers if you are feeling under the weather.  

Potato soup is easy to make and great on a cold winter’s day.  We love a nice squash potage.  It’s creamy and smooth and very filling.  Tomato soup pairs well with ritz crackers or croutons.  Lentil or bean soup adds a good hit of protein and fiber.

Soups are full of nutrients and can replenish you after a winter outdoor activity.  An added plus to making your own is that you can watch the salt and sugar added.  It makes for a great choice for those with high blood pressure or diabetes.

Is there someone you know who might be stuck in their house and needs some cheering up?  Try sharing a soup and dropping it off.  You’ll probably make someone smile.

Private Home Health Care loves making homemade soups.  It brings our family together and helps to keep us healthy..  We hope during these winter months you’ll be able to enjoy a favorite soup of your choice.


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This Sunday, January 21st is National Hug Day.  What?  Do we need a national day for hugging?

It appears that back in 1986 there was a man who thought that there was not enough hugging going on in the United States.  He started the day because it was mid-winter and spirits were low.  He wanted to spread cheer.

Interestingly enough hugging has  been around for a long time.  While the word’s etymology is not totally clear Shakespeare used it in his play Richard III when he said “he hugd me in his armes.”  This was back in 1597.

Another reason to hug or be hugged is that it is very comforting.  A hug to a friend with a problem can give support.  Family hugs mean you care a lot.  Hugs between children are sweet and an open expression of friendship.

You might think that it’s not safe to hug so soon after the Covid pandemic.  You might feel that there are a lot of germs around this time of year so no hugging for you.

If you are fearful you might want to try quick hugs with people you feel are safe.  You might be pleasantly surprised and feel happy afterwards.

Don’t we all need to have these feelings at some point in our lives?  How often?  When and where?

Some folks say that everyone needs a hug 12 times in a day to be healthy?  Do you feel like us that this could be difficult to achieve or too much?

Word has it that 32% of your stress will disappear after a hug. That could be great!

How do you feel about a 20 second hug?  Are your hugs that long?

Private Home Health Care feels that hugs, so long as the person is open to receiving one, is a great way to share happiness and comfort.  On Sunday, find someone to hug.  You might even have a 20 second hug.  

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Are You Worried About Your Weight?

Did you make a new year’s resolution to lose weight?  How is that going?

There are many different diets out in the universe.  Have you tried any of them?  Have you had any success or are you still searching?

This week is National Healthy Weight Week.  It can be a good time to look at common sense ways for you to try and set goals to help you get to your healthy weight.

A few recommendations to get you started:

  • Begin by talking to your doctor or a nutritionist.  Set some goals.
  • Start small.  Do not try to change everything at once.  It can overwhelm you.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water. 

(The average water and fluid intake for a man is 15-½ cups a day.  For women it is 11-½ cups.  This can vary a bit depending on your activity leve and where you live.)

  • Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet and cut back on your sugar.
  • Exercise more by walking or adding a cardio workout.  Adding 2-3 days of weight exercises or yoga will round off the active part of your plan.

Getting to a healthy weight can feel daunting but by working with your doctor and starting small you can do it!

Private Home Health Care has faith that if you are able to set your mind on goals, no matter what they are, you can be successful.  Good luck!


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Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we honor Martin Luther King Jr. , this year on the actual day of his birth.

He was born on January 15, 1929 and he died at the young age of 39.

During his short time on earth Martin Luther King Jr. led a peaceful movement of equality for all people no matter the color of their skin.   

The road was long and there was much adversity but his legacy lives on. His dream lives on.
Private Home Health Care honors Martin Luther King Jr. today and we wish for equality for all people across the globe.

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Bittersweet Chocolate

At times, there can be lots of discussion around chocolate.  Any December holidays and of course Valentine’s Day it’s a hot topic.

Everyone knows about milk chocolate, white chocolate and even semi-sweet chocolate.  The question is how much do you know about bittersweet chocolate?

Bittersweet chocolate can be a great option if you have diabetes or if you are watching your sugar intake for any reason.

If you look for bittersweet chocolate at the grocery store, you’ll see that it has at least 70% cacao.  The higher the cacao percentage, the better off you are with the sugar content.

This higher cacao content is delicious in sweets like brownies, chocolate chip cookies, truffles, hot chocolate, chocolate mousse and chocolate.  

If you are diabetic you can modify many of these dishes by substituting different flours or almond milks and by using a monk fruit sugar substitute.

You may not notice a huge taste difference in bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate but there are four major differences:

Higher Cacao Percentage – the higher the cacao, the lower the sugar and cocoa butter in the chocolate.

Flavor Difference – bittersweet chocolate has a deeper and more bitter taste.

Crumblier Texture – with lower amounts of cocoa butter and milk solids the chocolate crumbles easier than other chocolates.

Color – you will see a much darker, almost black color with bittersweet chocolate.

Private Home Health Care loves chocolates and we especially like bittersweet chocolate at times for the health benefits.  It tastes great in many recipes.


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Winter Skin

Now that winter has officially begun we are wondering if like us, you are having any trouble with dry skin?

These cold months your body can start to get dry patches and your hands can definitely need more care.  If you are someone who tries to wash your hands to avoid illness, it can add to the dryness.

Today is National Winter Skin Day and there are dermatologists who have recommendations for how to help keep your skin hydrated.

One easy fix is for you to add a humidifier to your bedroom.  The extra moisture can help add water to your skin as you sleep.

Another recommendation is to shower less often.  If you shower daily, switch to every other day.  In addition, turn the temperature down.  Try to have a cooler shower rather than piping hot. Also, if you pat your skin dry rather than rub it that can help./

For your hands, try and keep handy a moisturizer so that after each washing you can use it to keep them from drying out.

Additionally, your body needs extra help.  Choose a moisturizing cream (not a lotion) to apply after you shower or before bed each night.

Finally, try and dress in layers each day.  The layers can keep you warmer but you can also peel off a layer if you get overheated.  Soft flannel or cotton is less irritating to your skin.

Private Home Health Care appreciates tips during these cold winter months.  During our busy winter days it’s always helpful to find easy ways to keep from getting irritated skin.


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It makes sense to us that the first week in January would be set aside for a Celebration of Life Week.

You and I look forward to all the wonderful things that can come from starting a new year.  At this time of year we are hopeful and anticipatory of what lies ahead for us.

With this new hopefulness it is also a time for you to celebrate any accomplishments or any blessings you have experienced.

You may be thankful for your family so celebrate them.  Spend time playing a game, taking a walk or sharing your time with them.

Have you started a new job or changed jobs?  That could be a cause for a celebration too.

Did you try a new recipe?  Have you found a new book to enjoy?  Are you working towards a new weight and you’ve been successful in changing your diet?

So many things in our life are worth celebrating, big or small.

Take time to celebrate for yourself by going to a spa or having some quiet time.  You might find that you have more to give others if you take care of yourself.

Celebrating can spread happiness and positivity.  Both of these are bonuses to your health and well being.  It’s a great way to begin a new year!

Private Home Health Care celebrates all of the wonderful clients that we serve in our community.  We are grateful to be able to provide care to those in need.

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