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The 20 sec Quiz; How much do you really know?

  1. Starve a cold to get well faster.

Myth?                     Fact?

2. You are not contagious after the first few days, even if you are still sniffling.

Myth?                     Fact?

3. Bundling up in the winter will make you less likely to get sick.

Myth?                     Fact?

4. Megadose of vitamin C can stop a cold in its tracks.

Myth?                     Fact?

5. Green mucus means you have a bacterial infection.

Myth?                     Fact?

Most Americans come down with a cold several times during the year. So let’s see what’s true and what’s not, on what you know regarding a common cold.

1.MYTH. Not getting enough nutrients is never a smart idea! While fighting a cold you need to make sure that you get all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to boost up your immune system! It might feel like you don’t have much of an appetite, so in that case just try and drink your way to them nutrients! Have yourself some nice fruit and vegetable juice, some broth, tea, water and fight that cold all the way out!

2. MYTH. While you are the most contagious when your symptoms are at their worst, at the same time, sneezing and coughing few days after that might indicate that you still have the bug.

3.MYTH. The truth is that you might get the cold during the winter regardless of how heavily you layer up. Due to the fact that during them cold days people stay indoors for a long amount of time, it is easier for the bugs to spread in closed spaces.

4.MYTH. Vitamin C does boost your immune system and it helps in preventing a cold BUT when you already have the cold, an increased amount will not stop it. It might even cause minor stomach disturbances.

5.MYTH. Mucus usually changes color as the cold progresses but that is not an indication of whether someone has caught a bacterial or a viral infection.

At the same time remember to;

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or use a non-alcohol based sanitizer.
  • Move more
    since exercising has been proven to help fight off an illness.
  • Cut out stress
    since it lowers the body’s levels of white blood cells, which are the main
    fighters of your immune system!
  • Get enough sleep. While you are sleeping, your body releases a certain kind of proteins
    called cytokines, which protect you against infections and inflammations.

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