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National Golf Lovers Day

Yesterday, October 4th, was National Golf Lovers Day. And we sure do love golf at Private Home Care! In many places in the US, golf is played year round. But in more northern regions, golfers cannot play all year, so today is a day to celebrate at least one last round of golf before the cold sets in!

Golfing in New England in October is a different experience than golfing in June. The cooler temperatures can make the muscles and joints stiff. It is important to really own your pre-round warm up before the course. It is suggested that you go for an easy walk prior to playing to get the blood flowing. Stretching is important too, so doing some light stretches before and after the walk can help prevent injury. Don’t forget to stretch after the game as well! Experts suggest having a stretching routine that is specifically tailored to your body and needs. Also, when it is a routine then you are likely not to skip any stretches that you could benefit from. Even though the sun may not be bearing down on the golf course like during the summer months, it is important to still keep hydrated! Although around here the golfing season winds down towards winter, the best way to stay on top of your golf game for the next season is to keep active! That means you should stay active and exercise regularly in order to prevent from getting rusty. You can also take golf vacations and swing inside at indoor golfing facilities. True golf lovers keep their enthusiasm for the game year-round, and this way you can get ahead of the game for the coming season. National Golf Lovers Day celebrates golf and the passion for the sport. Since 1952, the PGA has held a charity event each year for National Golf Day, which is held on different days each year.

A great way to celebrate your passion is to share it with others. National Golf Day can be observed by inviting friends to join you, even if they are new to the sport. Visit a course you’ve never been to before. Challenge yourself to a more difficult course. Improve your handicap or offer to teach someone the game. No matter what you do, include someone else in your endeavors. Private Home Care wishes you a happy National Golf Lovers Day!

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