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More National Devil’s Food Cake Day!

National Devil’s Food Cake Day

Ina Garten, our patron saint of baking (and cooking!) shares her famous Devil’s Food Cake Recipe. (Make sure to do right by Ina and use GOOD vanilla extract!)

DID YOU KNOW: Although there are conflicting tales, and published cookbooks to contradict the story, legend has it that the devil’s food cake was created at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel. One account even suggests that a customer loved the cake so much, that she asked for the recipe. The customer got the recipe, but it came with a price—the Waldorf also served her a bill for $100. Now that’s an expensive cake!

Choosing the cake – our administrator’s great-grandmother was an esteemed baker. When she asked her son if he wanted a bicycle for his 12th birthday, he said that he wanted her Devil’s Food Cake instead! Who knew the power of Devil’s Food Cake?!

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