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World Cancer Day

Today, February 4th, is World Cancer Day. Private Home Care wholeheartedly supports the fight against cancer. It is so important to stay informed about health, and today we are focusing on cancer. We have all heard of it, but what is the medical definition and what exactly is happening? Let’s break it down:

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a broad term, and it is a disease that results with uncontrolled cell growth and division. Cells have specific functions and set lifespans, so cell death is part of a natural and beneficial process called apoptosis.

When a cell receives instructions to die, the body replaces it with a newer cell that can function better. However, cancerous cells lack that component that instructs them to stop dividing and to die. As a result, they build up in the body and use oxygen and nutrients that would otherwise nourish healthy cells.

Some types of cancer cause rapid growth of cells, and others cause cells to divide and grow at a slower rate. Other forms of cancer, such as leukemia, do not form tumors. 

Certain forms of cancerous cells can form tumors, impair the immune system and cause other changes that keep the body from functioning regularly. Cancer cells may begin or appear in one area and spread via the lymph nodes, which are clusters of immune cells throughout the body.

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