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The Holidays and Alzheimer’s

The Holidays and Alzheimer’s

Family rituals and holiday traditions can be a positive experience for those with Alzheimers, which connects them with a more familiar past. However, all of the hubbub and the increased amount of people around can cause confusion or anxiety for those with Alzheimers. Private Home Care is here to assist and reassure caregivers that holidays can go smoothly for you and your loved ones with Alzheimers. We are experts at caring for clients with Alzheimers and provide the best care that is tailored to your needs.

Here are suggestions for caregivers of those with Alzheimers:

-Try to involve your loved one with Alzheimers as much as possible! This could mean helping with simple holiday preparations or observe the preparations. 

– Simplify your holiday celebrations. As a caretaker, your situation is different now and you do not have to live up to others’ expectations.

-Limit the number of people visiting at one time, try to plan visits around the times when your loved one is doing best. 

-Try to keep their daily routine as close to normal as possible. 

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