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Sunburn Prevention for Don’t Fry Your Skin Day!

Don’t Fry Day! Really, sunburns do not look good and they are very dangerous to your short and long term health.

Private Home Health Care is here to tell you the tried and true tips and tools for sun safety.

Did you know that people of different ages and skin types may need different types of sunscreen? Make sure to apply sunscreen every. single. day. at least to your face and hands no matter the season. If you are unsure what kind of sunscreen is best, talk to your dermatologist about which is right for you. Some people prefer to use different types of sunscreen for their face and their body. Often you can buy special or high-rated sunscreen at your dermatologist’s office.

Apply a lot of sunscreen. Yes, more than that! The minimal amount for your body should be about the size of a shotglass of liquid sunscreen. Depending on your activities, apply every 1-4 hours. Also, sunscreen expires. Make sure to check the expiration date and throw it out if it is past that because the sunscreen will be much less effective for protecting you from the sun!

During the warmer months, stay out of the sun when the sunlight is strongest. about 12-4pm. It is also a good idea to find shade from the sun when you can.

Protective hats are a must. Baseball caps are okay, but bucket hats and wide-brim hats provide even better protection.

Wearing a tank top? Apply sunscreen underneath the tank top sleeves to make sure you are fully covered because the fabric may move around.

Drink plenty of water – even if you are wearing sunscreen you still sweat, and your body and skin can get dehydrated.

Cover up! A light linen shirt or cover up sometimes keeps you just as cool. Many athletic clothing lines offer shirts and pants/short with SPF and UV protection in the fabric itself!

Shades really DO make you look cool. Wearing polarized sunglasses with UV ray protection are vital for keeping your eyes healthy in the sun!

Especially for those with fair complexions, there is no such thing as a healthy tan!

Below you will find the best sunscreens, find that one suits your needs! Great picks are on this link!Including options for sunscreen-phobic acne sufferers.

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