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National Sober Day

National Sober Day

National Sober Day on September 14th encourages us to celebrate Sober life and bring awareness to addiction. National Sober Day is meant to encourage people to celebrate a better quality of life that comes from staying sober. For the millions of Americans that have struggled with addiction at some point in the past, National Sober Day is about renewing your commitment to staying sober. For the millions of people that are currently struggling with addiction, National Sober Day can be the start of recovery.

On National Sober Day, we focus on showing support for anyone living in sobriety or striving towards sobriety. Getting sober is a courageous process, and today we show support and appreciation for all of the hard work it takes in recovery. In addition, the observance sets a standard for the whole world that being sober is okay. Show your friends and family on the road to recovery by spending the day sober as well.

National Sober Day takes place during National Recovery Month, and this day also seeks to remove the stigma associated with addiction. Without compassion and acceptance of this condition, people may continue to struggle with addiction. Addiction is a disease, and no one chooses to become addicted to substances. It is in our hands as a society to help change the attitude towards addiction because everyone deserves to live a happy and healthy life.

Nearly everyone knows someone who does or has struggled with addiction, and this disease does not discriminate as to whom it affects. Open dialogue about addition and the benefits of sobriety builds the lines of communication that lead to better understanding. The day provides an opportunity to build educated support networks. It also strengthens existing ones. When systems are paved with an aware, loving, and honest cheering section, success is more likely. If we stumble, aren’t we more likely to get back up again when we have a solid support system?

Today on National Sober Day, we celebrate those who have achieved sobriety and as well as send unconditional love and healing to those struggling with addiction. We raise public awareness about this condition. Also, we join our friends and loved ones in recovery to enjoy a sober day! Plan fun activities that don’t feel like they require alcohol or substance use. Make mocktails or go for a nice long bike ride! Spend time with animals or cook your favorite meal! Whatever it is, make sure to celebrate life and joy on National Sober Day!

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