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National Popcorn Day!

National Popcorn Day!

Join us on January 19 as we celebrate National Popcorn Day! Buttered, salted, kettled, drizzled with caramel, spicy, or cheesy popcorn is one of those snacks perfect anytime, anywhere. The beauty of popcorn is that you can flavor it any way you like and tailor it to your personal taste. It’s great on the go, in the theater, or in your living room! The only downside is that popcorn can get stuck in your teeth.

Popcorn is one of the world’s healthiest and most popular snack foods. It has very high levels of fiber, which help with a healthy digestive tract and reduces risk of chronic diseases. In addition, popcorn is a whole grain, an important food group that may reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension in humans. It is loaded with important nutrients like B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and zinc, and also offers a variety of health benefits.

Popcorn is high in polyphenol antioxidants, which help protect our cells from damage by free radicals. Polyphenols are linked to various health benefits, including better blood circulation, improved digestive health and a reduced risk of many diseases. Several studies have also shown that polyphenols may reduce the risk of cancer, including prostate and breast cancer.

Private Home Health Care encourages you to munch on popcorn and enjoy it’s many health benefits!

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