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National Mocktail Week

The second week in January is National Mocktail Week. What are ‘mocktails’? Well, they are exactly what they sound like – mock cocktails! Mocktails have all of the ingredients of cocktails, but without the booze, such as a Bloody Mary with all of the trimmings, except no vodka. In recent years, mocktails have been becoming more popular. This is because people are trending towards becoming more health conscious, and want to make more healthy decisions while still being able to enjoy their favorite drinks. 

It is no coincidence that National Mocktail Week occurs in January. After the holiday season with plenty of drinking, many people do ‘dry January’, where they do not drink for the first month of the year. This helps detox after weeks of holiday parties and gets people back on track for healthy habits. People also drink mocktails to help with weight loss, because alcohol can be alcohol-dense. But, keep in mind how much sugar goes into the mocktails! 

Mocktails can be made with juices, sodas, herbs, and syrups, and you can be just as creative mixing them as with cocktails. Modern mocktails tend to have a sense of sophistication that’s shared with their alcoholic counterparts, using a variety of ingredients that cover a spectrum of flavors. Often, those flavors can mimic bourbon, gin, vermouth, bitters, and other staples in the bartender’s kit. Mocktails are also a great way to enjoy beverages with the whole family, so they are appropriate for any age!  

Cheers to National Mocktail Week! Private Home Health Care raises a (nonalcoholic) glass to the health of you and your loved ones! 

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