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National Get Funky Day

National Get Funky Day: Today is the day – to get funky! Every year on October 5th, we celebrate National Get Funky Day! This day encourages everyone to break out of their funk and get funky. We can always use more uplifting spirit in the world! Nowadays it is most important to remember to brighten up, turn up the energy, improve the mood, smile, laugh, and dance everywhere you go! Beat the blues and jam out to funk music!

Step out of your funk with…funk! Funkiness is infectious, and National Get Funky Day is a day to celebrate life, spread love, laughter, and light! ‘Getting funky’ is associated with many health benefits. Making a conscious effort to live a positive, happy life puts you at much less risk of mental illness like depression and anxiety because the feel good chemicals are flowing through your brain. Having a joyful lifestyle helps you feel socially connected, which fights against loneliness and isolation. Improved mood is associated with a healthier diet, better sleep, lowered blood sugar, and overall lower risk and incidence of chronic disease. All of this means that getting funky can increase your life expectancy!

But how does one funk? Funk is the kind of music that can make even the biggest wallflowers get out on the dance floor. So when someone tells you to get funky, they’re not telling you to stop taking showers, they want you to have fun! On National Get Funky Day do something to make yourself happy: wear bright, happy colors, smile, laugh, tell jokes, and definitely crank up some funky tunes and get dancing! Check out this video where seniors are teaching us how to get funky – with Uptown Funk!

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