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Holiday Stress Self Care for Caregivers Part 1

Holiday Stress Self Care for Caregivers Part 1

The holidays are a lovely time of year, but they can also be stressful. With all of the holiday shopping, decorating, prepping, cooking, and social engagements, you can easily feel overextended. Private Home Care understands the unique dynamic of holiday stress and demands when also being a caregiver or someone who is concerned about a loved one. Here are a few easy steps to help reduce stress during the holiday season:

  1. Identify specific stressors. These could include not having enough time to get things done, worrying that the needs of the loved one you are caring for are not being met, and more. Once your stressors have been identified, it is easier to tackle them.
  2. Accept that no one can do it all! We suggest simplifying holiday celebrations, such as asking everyone to bring a dish for a potluck dinner, instead of cooking it all yourself. 
  3. Responding to invitations – it’s ok to say no! Caregiving requires a lot of time and energy, and sometimes accepting invitations to events is too much. On the flip side, don’t feel guilty for going out for a night to a holiday party. Private Home Care is here to provide the best care for your loved ones at home while you go out and enjoy yourself!
  4. Self-care! This is a big one! Private Health Care promotes a holistic healthy lifestyle – including caring for your physical and mental health! It is amazing what a small mindfulness exercise or going for a 10 minute walk can do for your mental well-being during stressful holiday times. These things are also very good for your brain health!

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