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Balance Awareness Week with Private Home Care

At Private Home Care, we are passionate about helping people maintain their balance and providing education about this matter. Why? Falls account for a large percentage of hospitalizations and deaths for the elderly. After the age of 60, your body’s vestibular and balance system starts declining, sometimes without us even realizing it. Often we don’t think about our balance until we lose it. It can be hard for older adults to realize that the activities they have been doing their whole lives (walking up or down stairs, carrying a heavy box), may increase their risk of a fall. However, there are actions you can take to prevent this from happening. Practicing regular exercise as well as exercises and movements specifically designed to bolster balance can make a big difference for maintaining balance. Regular doctors checkups are also beneficial to detect any possible balance issues because they may be able to catch any signs of imbalance before it starts to really affect day to day living. Check out this video to see the best balance exercises for seniors!

Private Home Care are experts in fall prevention. We provide fall prevention home safety assessments of your loved one’s living space to ensure that your loved one can age safely and happily at home. They say that balance in life is key, and we agree!

During Balance Awareness Month, Private Home Care challenges you to test you balance and see how you can improve it!

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